Rediker is the student information system (SIS) used by Wakulla Christian School.  It is where we keep all of our student data, including attendance information and grades.

Rediker is intended to be a “one-stop-shop” for all academic information that parents need for school. As you log on to the parent portal you will have access to grades, assignments, attendance, discipline notices, group activities, and much more. 

Please view your portal frequently to stay connected with everything happening with your children at Wakulla Christian School.

Note that sometimes you may hear Rediker referred to as “PlusPortals,” “Parent PlusPortals,” “Parent Portals,” or even just “Portals.”  All of these names refer to the same thing: Rediker.

1. Parent Access to Rediker

As a parent, your main point of access is through the Rediker web site:

Login to Rediker with your full email address that is on file at Wakulla Christian.  If you wish to change your login email address with Rediker, contact our main office. 

Rediker can also be accessed through iOS and Android apps.  When you first open either app, it will ask for a school name.  Enter “wakullachristian” (without the quotes) and it will connect you to our school.

If you need help navigating Rediker, there are great interactive training guides and very simple tutorial videos that can be found at this link:

NOTE: The Rediker system is setup for parents and their students to have unique logins (see below for student login information).  Logins and passwords are not intended to be shared.  Specifically: parents should not share their login with students, and vice versa.

2. Wakulla Christian School Office365 Outlook email accounts for students

This year, each middle and high school student at Wakulla Christian School has been issued an official Wakulla Christian email account.  This account should be used for school communications, meaning that it should only be used to exchange emails with other Wakulla Christian students, faculty, and staff — it should not be used for general internet email.

Students login to their Wakulla Christian Office365 account by visiting on any internet-connected device and logging in with their school assigned email address and password.

  1. Student email      addresses are in the form of: students      first letter of their first name followed by their last name and then the      2 digit graduation year…


                                  (Note that email addresses are not case sensitive)

  1. Each student has been assigned an initial password given to them from their homeroom teacher.
       (Be sure to use the full “” suffix in the email address)

3. Student access to Rediker

Once students login to their Office365 accounts, they will see an email from Rediker.  This email contains a one-time link (unique for each student) that students can use to set their Rediker password.

After using this link, students can login to Rediker with their Wakulla Christian email address  
(Ex:  jsmith22@wakullachristian.c0m) and the password that they just set.

Students use the same web site to access Rediker as parents: