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Academic excellence is a top priority at Wakulla Christian School.  We believe the BEST education is one where true, Biblical integration is coupled with academic rigor. That being mentioned, we hope you find the following Q&A helpful:

What about Common Core?
We are not a Common Core school. Some of our curriculum lines up with Common Core, but our curriculum is only a guide.  Our qualified and experienced teachers have the freedom to teach how their students learn best.

What about state testing?
Each year, we administer the Stanford Achievement Test to all of our students.  A few days before the test, our elementary students complete a 15-20 minute practice test to get them acquainted with the format of the test.  We also encourage students to be well rested and eat a good breakfast before coming to school.  We prepare students to do their best, and we pray with them before the test.  Our students have never been anxious or stressed about testing. 
What about honors level classes?
We do offer honors level classes for high school Math, Science, Heritage Studies, and Language Arts.  GPAs are weighted with an additional .25 points (A= 4.25 rather than 4.0).

What about dual enrollment?
At this time we do not have a dual enrollment program.  Current Florida legislation mandates that the school district pay for the classes its students take.  However, students may take dual enrollment courses over the summer during Summer Session B at no cost to the student or school. We are also speaking with Tallahassee Community College about hosting a class or two on our campus for our students.  There is a strong possibility we will offer Biology (for non bio majors) and College Algebra in the Fall and Spring of 2016/2017. 

What about graduation and accreditation?
We adhere to the Florida Department of Education’s guidelines for graduation which are detailed at the site below:


Our first graduating class will earn a 24-credit standard diploma with state issued, NCAA approved course codes.  Our teachers adhere to guidelines set forth by the state to satisfy the requirements for the courses we teach. 

WCS is a member of the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (http://www.faccs.org), which ties us to the Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools (http://www.faans.org).  FAANS is recognized by the Florida Department of Education.  These accreditations and associations give WCS credit with any public or private high school or public or private university!

What about college entrance tests?
Our Math and Language Arts teachers are committed to preparing our students for the ACT and the new SAT (coming 2016).  Students are also acquainted with to the PERT test for dual enrollment, and eleventh graders will take the PSAT. 

Math and Language Arts classes will commit the first 10 minutes of each class to ACT and SAT preparation.  This means 70-80 minutes a week will be dedicated to the tests that count! 

What about Bright Futures?
A Bright Futures Scholarship is a wonderful way to help students pay for college.  WCS students can, indeed, qualify for a BF scholarship.  You can learn more about BF by clicking here: http://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/ssfad/bf/

We will begin a Digital Design program in the 2015-16 school year that will allow students to qualify for the Vocational BF scholarship if they meet the requirements of the three-course program.

What about your teaching staff?
We have an amazing staff of qualified, loving teachers!  All of our teachers have education degrees and/or are certified by FDOE.  Our teachers also hold FACCS Teaching Certificates. Please check out our staff and their credentials here: http://www.wakullachristian.com/wakulla-christian-school-staff.html

What about the classroom?
WCS academic classrooms look very much like mainstream, public school classrooms, but with fewer students.  Classes are equipped with white boards, televisions, projectors, chrome cast, and wifi.  Teachers use traditional teaching methods where group work and peer teaching are incorporated, and digital programs and strategies are commonplace in our classes as most students utilize personal tablets and laptops daily.  WCS strives to offer students a traditional education, yet incorporate cutting-edge technology.  

What about combined classes?  
At times, honors and regular classes meet together.  For instance, English II and English II Honors may be in a combined classroom, and the honors students will meet additional coursework requirements.   We do not have any classes where two separate classes meet at the same time with the same teacher (as in Geometry and Algebra 1 being taught by the same teacher in the same block).

What about the classes you don’t provide?
WCS has a wonderful relationship with Florida Virtual School.  Several of our students have taken Drivers Ed or other similar classes.  The grades transfer in and appear on the student’s transcript. 

Suppose a student wants to take Calculus or Mandarin, he/she would be able to do that via FLVS.  The possibilities are endless!!

What about curriculum? 
WCS pre-school and elementary students use BJU Press.  Secondary (6th and above) uses a variety of publishers including BJU Press, A-Beka, Saxon, and Circe Institute. In all areas, we strive to provide our teachers and our students with the very best curriculum available! 

What about special ed?
WCS is a mainstream school that does not have a special ed program.  We do, however, offer mild accommodations to students with an IEP or 504.  Mild accommodations generally include providing a quiet testing environment and/or extra time on tests.  Students with special educational needs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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